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Aqua Lounge Cocoa - Hookah Lounge and Bar Cocoa, FL
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Catalina Wine Mixer

Catalina Wine Mixer


Presented By: Aqua Lounge x My City Events

As our business continues to grow and evolve, the need to connect entrepreneurs from a broad range of backgrounds and industries is paramount. That's why the Aqua Lounge is excited to be a part of the current and upcoming networking events that provide the opportunity to bring together entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Through connecting with like-minded professionals, we strive to foster a wider sense of collaboration and productivity. As trends and technologies advance, and the scope of the entrepreneurial landscape widens, getting to network with those who share similar goals and dreams is essential in developing a valuable community.

We believe that innovation often comes from merging differing perspectives, and we’re proud to do our part in providing an open environment for those in various lines of business such as real estate, hair stylists, loan agents, builders, and more! As any great entrepreneur knows, building the right network connections is a major key to success.

At the Aqua Lounge, we’re elated to get to know our local business owners and look forward to hosting future events!


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